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Boy in Warsaw |  MON |  30 01 2023 |  11:05

Boy in Warsaw | MON | 30 01 2023 | 11:05

Spring 1973: David Bowie gets off the train in Warsaw. He’s still working on getting it done, which should work a little later with the fictional character Ziggy Stardust. In the Polish capital, he entered a bookstore and bought records of Polish folk music, which later inspired him, during his time in Berlin, to write the song “Warsaw”.
With this incident, Dorota Maslowska’s novel “Bowie in Warsaw” begins, in which pop and socialism collide in the most amusing way, because Bowie unleashes a torrent of confusion and strange complications in the city: the owner of a bookstore, himself the writer he was unable to believe He recognizes his archenemy, successful author Krempinski, in Bowie. Sensitive cop Kritik thinks that the young man with the bore is the “suffocating lady” who is terrorizing the whole town. In the middle is the bookseller’s assistant, Regina, recently expelled from university, who cynically rebels against her mother’s expectations, tries to get rid of her sausage fan, and almost gets close to the Vistula. Everyone wrestles with pent-up and revealed desires, envy and flight fantasies–until David Bowie shows up and everything heads for comic disaster.

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