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Bradley Cooper: Doppelganger Is A Shoplifter – Manhunt Of Interest In America |  Entertainment

Bradley Cooper: Doppelganger Is A Shoplifter – Manhunt Of Interest In America | Entertainment

The strangest hunt in America |

Thief looks like Bradley Cooper

It’s… no, it’s not him!

Cops in the US state of Georgia are looking for a shoplifter – and many are scoffing at it. The reason: The man looks like a fatter, more disheveled version of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (47, “A Star Is Born”).

The guy who easily passes for an actor-director duo (at least in photos) stole a rotary laser worth about $600 from a hardware store on July 23. He was captured by a surveillance camera. Using those records, the police conducted a search on Facebook.

The Henry County Police Department posted in McDonough asking anyone who knows the thief to call police. Presumably, the small-town police rarely launched an appeal that received much attention. This post has been shared over 900 times and commented on over 500 times.

Users jump directly to the Cooper Double. “Well, that’s easy. Bradley Cooper. Go there,” one woman said. Another wrote, “You know Bradley Cooper steals hard times.” Another commented, “Bradley Cooper looks like he’s off his diet.”

One user wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only one noticing the uncanny resemblance. “I wanted to comment that he looks like Bradley Cooper. Glad I did [mit der Meinung] not alone. But seriously, isn’t this a joke? Or BC? [Bradley Cooper]?”, he wrote.

This isn’t the first time an American actor’s doppelganger has allegedly shoplifted: In October 2018, a man resembling “Friends” star David Schwimmer (55) was wanted for stealing beer. The man was sentenced to nine months in prison. At the time Schwimmer was amused by the story, tweeting that he wasn’t.

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