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Bravely Default 2 won't soon be a Nintendo exclusive

Bravely Default 2 won’t soon be a Nintendo exclusive

Bravely default 2 Published as an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch chest. Now the title is also scheduled to open in September steam Appears.

Former exclusive title

When it was released on February 26, 2021, the popular RPG was valid Bravely default 2 Still as an exclusive title. Now, surprisingly and in a short time, an early post was published on 02.09.2021 steam from Square Enix via Twitter announced.

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but rarely

who – which nintendo It is also rare to find exclusive titles later on other platforms. else Square Enix A title that at some point is not an exclusive title for nintendo It was more, it was Octopate the passenger. This address is on steam Published in 2019. Later, this title was also used for X-Box chest. what’s in Bravely Default II So that is not ruled out now either.

Will you follow the full series?

the original Bravely default And Bravely default: second layer both of us nintendo Exclusive titles on Nintendo 3DS appeared and stayed. Bravely default 2 Hence, it is the first title in this popular RPG series to be released on a different platform. It might be because of that Square Enix We will also decide to continue with the first two titles in the series. then completed Bravely default The class is not exclusive nintendo class be more. good, would you Microsoft and none of them nintendo special keyboards.

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those: via SquareEnix