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Breakthroughs in vaccination despite Omikron booster, but little progress

Breakthroughs in vaccination despite Omikron booster, but little progress

In the new study, according to the researchers, all seven people received at least two of the three vaccinations with the mRNA vaccine: 5 people received 3 times Biontech, 1 person twice Biontech and once Moderna, 1 person once Astra Zeneca and 2 times Biontech.

The booster vaccinations were given between five and ten months after the second vaccination.

The booster vaccinations were done at least a month in advance. Four of them were training at local hospitals, while the other three were on vacation. According to the study, the omicron variant was detected in five, and the researchers concluded that in two epidemiological contexts.

Discussion about the new vaccination schedule

Biontech founder Ugur Sahin explained in an interview with SpiegelThat states should boost boosters faster because of the omicron – and that even a fourth injection would be necessary.

“The facts have changed in the meantime. With regard to Omikron, two doses have not yet been fully vaccinated with adequate protection. If Omikron continues to spread, it would make sense to provide a booster dose after three months.”

Those who have now or have already received the third vaccination will need another booster dose before or in the summer.

Would this fourth vaccination be the real booster if the vaccination was completed after only three doses? Shaheen: “Yes, that’s right, if Omikron prevails. The IV vaccination can also be an Omikron-type adaptive vaccine.”

In response to a question about antibody studies from many countries such as Austria that became known on Wednesday, Sahin said: “According to preliminary data, three doses significantly neutralize the virus. It will show how strong the protection is and how long it lasts. The data.”

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