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Bregenz handball narrow defeat - Vorarlberg handball

Bregenz handball narrow defeat – Vorarlberg handball

© Handball Bregenz / Köflach

Handball players Bregenz lose in Südstadt against West Vienna 23:25 and have to hand over the top of the table to Hard.

At the start of the second half of the HLA Championship, table top Bregenz Handball was a guest of Westwien.

The first 30 minutes in the southern part of the city passed quite smoothly. The match swung back and forth, and neither team was able to develop a lead with just one goal during the entire first half. So I entered the first half with a draw 13:13.

After a restart, Bregenz was able to put Bregenz to plus two for the first time, but Westwien immediately responded and put the hosts 5:1 to 19:17.

But the people of the festival town also fought their way back and are back in the game again. But in the end, Westwin made a better finish for themselves, and thanks to Bratchner’s goal with a seven-meter throw and a last-ditch siren, he won 25:23. Südstadt remains a tough spot for handball players from Bregenz, who after the defeat also have to give up the championship lead in favor of rival Ländle Hard.

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