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Brexit: The British Chamber of Commerce has no chance of an agreement with the United States

Brexit: The British Chamber of Commerce has no chance of an agreement with the United States

There are talks between the governments in London And Washington In a free trade agreement – but a British trade expert is not currently expecting a result. Negotiations would have been for the administration of the new US president Joe Biden Emanuel Adam of the British-American Chamber of Commerce in London said it was not a priority. “It’s hard to see any movement in this matter at any time.”

Adam said there were several reasons for this: Biden’s international trade policy forms the policy of his predecessors Donald Trump And aimed at reducing the perceived inequality in cost United States To remove. Charges are a way to do this. For example, added to it Critical view of the US Congress Regarding the policy of the British Government in the controversy over the Brexit Special Rules for the British Province Northern Ireland With the European Union.

One of the main arguments of Brexit lawyers is the ability to conclude trade agreements independently. After leaving the EU England As a gesture of peace to the United States, EU penal penalties for many American products were abolished. The government in Washington has temporarily suspended additional taxes, for example, Scottish whiskey, knitwear and cheese and pork products. However, negotiations between the two countries over an agreement stalled.

Now the question is, what position does the British government take, Adam said. There is a difference between the cautious statements made by top politicians and the need to build your own trade network with the United States as the central anchor. “How is the British government going to explain that the free trade agreement with the United States has disappeared in the background?” Said Adam.

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The expert said the Chamber of Commerce has always realistically followed the negotiations. “Of course, we are disappointed that the negotiations did not take place, especially after all the good work,” Adam said. “But we understand that we still need to build a better foundation for the success of these talks.” The chamber is now focused.