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Brigins and Hard are in the HLA quarter-finals

Vorarlberg HC Hard and Bregenz handball clubs opened the Sposo League quarter-finals successfully on Tuesday.

Harders’ team celebrated their favorite home victory by winning 32:23 (14:11) against HSG Remus Bärnbach / Köflach, and record champion Bregenz beat Handball Tirol in Schwaz with 26:25.

Bregenz could win the “Best of Three” series at home on Friday, Hard with a away win over Bärnbach / Köflach.

Briggins had a very black start

It was the toughest lead from the first minute and never lost it. Barnbach / Kovlach managed to maintain their lead midway through the first half, but starting from the 35th minute, the hosts clearly distinguished themselves.

In Shwaz the locals got off to a bad start. Brigins was a 7-1 lead after 14 minutes, and Tyrolean equalized in the 32nd minute. After that, tension was the daily routine. Ultimately, Schwaz was leading by two goals for the first time, but he did not score after that.

Defending champions Krems will play the match at home against Verlach on Wednesday, while Weavers Margareten and Westwen will play in the Vienna Derby.

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