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British Humor: How Queen Elizabeth II ridiculed American tourists

British Humor: How Queen Elizabeth II ridiculed American tourists

When asked how often she visits the area, Elizabeth replied, “I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl, which is over 80 years old.”

“Well, if you have been coming here for more than 80 years, you must have met the Queen,” said the tourist, still not realizing who he had the honor of meeting. In a flash, she said, ‘I didn’t, but Dick did.’ [Anm. Griffins Spitzname] “You meet here regularly,” the former security officer said.

Then the park asked him what the king was like. “Because I’ve been with her for so long and I knew I could tease her, I said, ‘Oh, she can be very argumentative at times, but she has a great sense of humor. “

What happened next, Griffin did not expect at all: his interlocutor took out the camera and asked for a picture – but not with the Queen, but with him from all people. The former assistant to the Queen said: “Then we switched places and I took a picture of her with the Queen. We never said that and waved goodbye. After that, Her Majesty said to me, ‘I’d like to be the one who flies on the wall when he shows these pictures to his friends in America and hopefully someone will tell him’ What who am I. “

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