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Brits are losing faith in politicians after the Brexit vote

Brits are losing faith in politicians after the Brexit vote

A new poll shows that 54 per cent of Britons have had enough of Brexit. So there can be no talk of “Bregret” – a word created from “Brexit” and “regret”.

Seven years after the Brexit referendum, three-quarters of Britons have lost faith in their politicians. This is according to a poll by London think tank UK in a Changing Europe, released on the anniversary of Friday’s referendum. Seventy-five percent of respondents said, “I have lost confidence in British politicians in recent years.”

In the referendum held on June 23, 2016, Britons voted 52 percent to 48 percent to leave the European Union. This was completed on January 31, 2020. As the poll shows, a majority of 52 per cent now think Brexit has not been a success. Only one in ten sees it differently. 74 percent believe that politicians act more in their interests than they act in the interests of the general public.

However, there can be no question of “Bregret” – a neologism for Brexit and remorse: Of those who voted for Brexit, only 15% regret it.

Almost half of those surveyed (48 per cent) would vote to return to the European Union in today’s referendum. Only about a third (32 percent) would support staying abroad. The majority of people in Great Britain (54 per cent) simply don’t want to hear anything more about Brexit. (APA / dpa)

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