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Broken Shortcuts: GPO Issues After Windows 10 Patch Day

Broken Shortcuts: GPO Issues After Windows 10 Patch Day

subordinate Latest patch day for Windows 10 It brings with it an issue with Group Policy Objects as per user reports. Other users cannot install the update. Microsoft has yet to confirm the issues with the GPO, but it may only be a matter of time.

Affected users are currently reporting to Reddit and Microsoft إجابات Answers Forum And share ideas about problems after Correction Day in September.

KB5017308 cannot be used by a number of users. KB5017308 fails to install, in some cases update stops with restart and then stops.

Group Policy Objects Failed

Another error also appears more frequently in messages – it’s a group policies problem again. Cumulative update KB5017308 was released a few days ago for windows 10 It has been released, and is said to be causing problems with so-called Group Policy Objects, GPOs for short. Gunter Born wrote on his blog I collected some error messages and field reports.

Accordingly, GPO file operations no longer work because they are unable to create or copy correct shortcuts after installing KB5017308.

As it seems, it affects all shortcuts created by GPO. According to those affected, “It is generated blank with 0 bytes and no information about where the link leads to”. A temporary solution might be to choose to disable the “Run in user security context” option on the affected GPOs. At least, according to Günter Born, this has worked for some users.

Cancel update

Others have also suggested a more drastic solution that requires manually uninstalling and hiding the cumulative update KB5017308. However, uninstalling a security update should only be a last resort.

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Download Windows 10: Cumulative Patch

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