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Bruce Willis: His illness pushes his wife Emma to her limits

Bruce Willis: His illness pushes his wife Emma to her limits

On March 30, the news shocked the family from Bruce Willis (67) The masses. I shared that actor aphasia It was found to be a speech disorder, which, according to “”, is caused by a stroke in 80 percent of cases.

And according to an Instagram post, which was published by Emma Willis (43), wife of Bruce Willis, among others, the actor, after careful consideration, decided to end his career. “This is a challenging time for our family,” the moving post said.

In the video above, you can see touching footage: Bruce Willis spending time in nature and with his family

Emma Willis: “I put my family’s needs before my own”

In an interview with the American Family Portal, Bruce Willis’ wife Emma admitted that this time was actually very difficult.bumpAccording to Emma Willis, she cared too much for her family, but not enough for herself, and as a result, her “mental health” problems were increasingly bothering her.

“I put my family’s needs before my own, and that doesn’t make me a champion,” said the 43-year-old. She took care of herself and in the process forgot about herself, which was not without consequences.

Bruce Willis: His wife wants to focus more on her basic needs again

“This level of care for everyone in my home has had a negative impact on my mental and general health. It hasn’t helped anyone in my family.”

Now she will focus more on her “basic needs”, which is definitely sports as well. It is important to have “one thing” that makes you feel good.

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