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Bundesliga: FC Augsburg vs Stuttgart: 4:1, Matchday 10 - Bundesliga - Football

Bundesliga: FC Augsburg vs Stuttgart: 4:1, Matchday 10 – Bundesliga – Football

Oxford hits the head – again

At this point it was 1:1 because Augsburg’s current “life insurance” hit again: Oxford climbed higher than anyone else in the 30th minute at an Augsburg corner and leveled the ball into the net. Oxford already scored the equalizer in the last home game against Bielefeld (1:1).

After the break, the FCA once again demonstrated how important standard positions are in today’s football. Once again there was an FCA corner kick and again the hosts were more determined in front of goal. This time it was defense chief Guillou who headed the ball over the line from six meters (52). 2:1. It was a “mental blow”, because the Stuttgart defenders also had the opportunity to clear the ball, but they failed due to the massive physical effort of Guilio.

Niederlechner makes the initial decision

A little later, Alfred Finbogason had a great opportunity to increase the ratio to 3:1: Andre Hahn took Andy Zecheri in the 64th minute after a strong solo on the left. But Finnbogason couldn’t accommodate his superb crosses at the VfB residence because he waited too long – Stuttgart’s Clinton Mola was still able to block him.

What Icelandic Augsburg missed, Niederlechner made up for shortly thereafter: Once again, Augsburg showed himself more heartbroken than his opponents in the fight for the ball in front of Stuttgart and hit the ball into the short corner in the 72nd minute after a baffling spectacle. In the six yard area – 3:1.