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BVB: NFL style New Jersey – Dortmund surprises in USA design

The NFL starts now and pulls the PVP. There are three new jerseys in USA design for fans of Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund – The new NFL season kicks off Thursday night through Friday (September 10). At 2:20 a.m. Central European time, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers open the football season against the Dallas Cowboys.

Community Borussia Dortmund (PVP)
Establishing December 19, 1909
Ground Signal Iduna Park
Coach Marco Rose

PVP: NFL season begins – Borussia Dortmund offers new football jersey to fans

The ruling Super Bowl champion against the most valuable right in the league: The season opener definitely has it all. identical Borussia Dortmund And who loves American football, can expect a surprise now.

Because BVB provides Official Online Store Offers a special jersey collection for fans of black and yellow ball sports: an American style style shirt is undoubtedly offered under the name “BVB Football Jersey”. Cost: 59.99 euros.

PVP: Unusual USA design – new NFL shirt from Borussia Dortmund for football fans

The PVP logo, which is strangely placed on the training shirt, mainly adorns the V-neck. The lettering “Dortmund” runs graffiti style across the chest of the yellow shirt.

The back of the fan jersey is marked with a large “09”, as well as the sleeves and left rib area. BVB goes NFL: The new design is definitely extraordinary in appearance.

What does US international Giovanni Raina think about the new PVP shirts? Fans have different opinions.

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BVB: Fan Jersey for. 59.99 – Various shirts for NFL, MLB and NHL

Not only American football fans will find what they are looking for: Borussia Dortmund also has related USA models for MLP and NHL lovers. These pieces cost 59.99 euros each.

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They are each placed in the base color gray and are intended to attract BVB fans in baseball or ice hockey. But what do online users say about the new entertainment jerseys?

PVP Fans Review: NFL T-shirts in USA Design Provoke Split Reactions

Opinions vary. A large part criticizes the New America style.

NFL, MLP or NHL: “Everything looks like a grab table in Kick or Real,” writes the Twitter user. “But you pay armani prices,” says another. And the “Lucas” user thinks: “Our normal jerseys are not good either. And we do not want to start planning for a third jersey.

But there are also compliments to the design department at PVP: you can also read that “they are, in fact, more beautiful than most American sports jerseys.”

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