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CAC – Asiago 12:0 |  The Red Jackets set off fireworks, and Asiago shot out of the hall

CAC – Asiago 12:0 | The Red Jackets set off fireworks, and Asiago shot out of the hall

The evening ended relatively early. In fact, after the Kuwaiti club's 1-0 win, no one thought that Asiago could be dangerous in any way. In a way, memories of Zagreb Medvešak's side came back when they showed their last league performance (on 6 January 2019, the Croats also lost 12-0). Asiago had already arrived the day before (apparently not for financial reasons), but had to introduce seven starting players (including goalkeeper Justin Fazio). The omens were favorable for the Red Jackets from the start. But living up to a favored role, no matter how dominant, can sometimes be a whole different story. However, the Kuwaiti club left no doubt in their 12-0 win.

So, 96 seconds later, Paul wrote to Postma for the first time. By the fifth minute of the match, Jasper Jensen Abo and Johannes Bischofberger, who put the ball into the net, secured a comfortable three-goal lead. With two more goals scored by Lucas Hadum, Asiago left the first third period with the score at 0-5. It was still serving well. Apo and Gunhil just banged on metal.

Strange positions for goalkeepers

What the Red Jackets should be given credit for, especially marginal goalkeeper Sebastien Daum: KAC maintained his focus throughout the entire match, only oriented himself forward, did not let go of Asiago, but played the match until the end with concentration. But Venice found opportunities. The first half was canceled 1:5 by the referees. Like Di Filippo in the 3-0 win, he also raided his gloves – but here it was ruled to be a challenge by the goalkeeper. “I would never see two goalies lose their glove during a goal scene,” DOPS coach Lyle Seitz had to admit from the operating room.

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This did not detract from the shooting festival. on the contrary. Postma and Haudum again (his hat-trick was congratulated with flying caps), and Fraser and Bischofberger increased their personal tally and goals for the Kuwaiti club. Perhaps the victory could have been even higher. But after captain Thomas Hundertfond made it 10-0, the home team did not slow down and tried to keep the ball away from the goalkeeper at the same time. What is striking: Lukas Hadum scored his quartet in the final stage.

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