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Call from the school nurse: Bradley Cooper interrupts the press conference

Call from the school nurse: Bradley Cooper interrupts the press conference

Hollywood star Bradley Cooper He interrupted a press conference for his new film, “The Maestro,” after receiving a call from his daughter’s school nurse, according to a media report. Lea de Seine He received. According to the British newspaper daily Mail Cooper left the stage in New York City saying “I'm so sorry” after looking at his phone. He asked to leave the room briefly so he could call me again. Then it became clear: Cooper had to go to school with Leah. He did not reveal what exactly happened. “I have to get there, it's only a ten-minute walk,” Cooper apologized.

Cooper recently appeared on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of “Maesto” with his daughter. The six-year-old comes from her relationship with a model Irina Shek He seems very comfortable in the spotlight.

Cooper with his daughter Leah At the premiere of his new movie “Maestro” in Los Angeles

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“The Maestro” tells the life of the American composer Bernstein (1918-1990), who, among other things, composed the music for the musical “West Side Story”, and His wife Felicia Montealegre Bernstein (1922-1978). The Netflix drama received a standing ovation after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

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The two shared their love of music and theater. At the same time, they had conflicts resulting from Bernstein's extramarital affairs with men. The couple's children participated in the filming process. Bernstein's daughter Jimmy He described the film in Venice as “as authentic as possible”.

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So normal”

Even when he met up with old schoolmates recently, Cooper said he acted like everyone else. The 48-year-old actor told the US late-night broadcaster on Wednesday night that he showed up early for his 30th class reunion two weeks ago. Jimmy Fallon.

And it wasn't strange at all: “It was great, it was completely normal,” Cooper said. The only person he didn't like from his high school year didn't show up. Cooper went on to say that – as befits such events – I affixed a name tag bearing the inscription “Bradley.”

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