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Call of Duty: One of the most popular characters is probably getting a spin-off

Call of Duty: One of the most popular characters is probably getting a spin-off

In fact, it is a common practice that with every new year a new spin-off of the popular Call of Duty shooter series is released. However, 2023 could break that longstanding tradition, because as of now, Activision Blizzard may not launch a brand new spin-off next year. Instead, the publisher has made it clear that there will be new “Premium Call of Duty” paid content next year.

A new single player campaign for Modern Warfare 2?

According to previous leaks, this new content comes in the form of paid DLCs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Not only should there be new content for the multiplayer mode, but the single player campaign should also receive new DLC. With a new report from well-known insider Ralph Valve, published on whatifgamingNow, it seems, we know exactly what the latter will be.

Infinity Ward is currently reportedly working on a single-player campaign centered around popular Modern Warfare character Simon “Ghost” Riley. Activision reportedly had discussions with the actor behind the character, Samuel Roukin, during Modern Warfare 2’s development about whether he’d like to expand his role after the shooter.

It is not yet known if the single-player DLC is also paid Call of Duty content. Valve claims that Infinity Ward is developing multiple episodes to be released sporadically, similar to the popular horror anthology The Dark Pictures, for example. Each episode will focus on different characters and stories. a few weeks ago Well-known journalist Jason Schreyer explained However, the “Premium” DLC will be developed by Studio Sledgehammer.

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