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Camp play in USA: Flat tire in Death Valley – Tourist dies! – News abroad

The car had a note: “Two flat tires, on the way to Mormon Point, need water for three days.”

Camp tragedy in Death Valley! After a break in the hot and very dry American National Park, a tourist can only recover the dead.

Alexander Lofgren, 32, of Arizona, was traveling with his girlfriend Emily Henkel, 27, in the Mojave Desert, California. Like her brother now on the donation side GoFundMe On April 4 the two were reported to have broken up with their subaru in the remote part of Death Valley. Contrary to plan, they did not return from their camping trip that day.

A massive search operation began in the extensive “Death Valley”. Last Thursday, park staff found the couple’s abandoned car and the note lying there.

Finally the decisive clue that the helpers need to see! Later that evening, rescuers spotted the couple in the air.

Both can be set on a steep path. Two assistants went downstairs, but Lofgren and Henkel could not be reached “due to a serious situation,” the local sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The next day only two tourists got a search party. It’s too late for Lofkran – he’s already dead.

According to Henkel’s brother, he was seriously injured when he tried to go on the next road through Willow Creek Canyon.

Hengel was taken to hospital with serious injuries to his leg. His family is now raising money for recovery, medical expenses and Loffgran’s funeral.

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Inno County Sheriff Jeff Hollowell: “This is a very difficult task in a very ruthless area.”