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can crack here today::

can crack here today::

Mostly the whole day is sunny and cumulonimbus clouds gradually form. From noon onwards, the risk of rain will increase over the mountains and hill country, with thunderstorms also stockpiling in the afternoon, especially in the south of the country. Away from the mountains, shower rooms remain the exception. Winds from the north will be weak to moderate in speed. Afternoon temperatures reach 20 to 26 degrees.

forecasts in detail

  • ViennaIt is mostly sunny all day. Altocumulus clouds that form gradually remain harmless all the time. The tendency for showers remains generally low. The wind blows weak from the north road. In addition, afternoon temperatures reach around 23 degrees.
  • Lower Austria: In general, sunlight prevails. However, cumulonimbus clouds gradually form, which locally can grow into showers over the mountains in Most and Industrieviertel. However, it mostly dries throughout the day. The wind blows weak from the north road. Afternoon temperatures are from 20 to 24 degrees.
  • Burgenlandkisa: Today brings a lot of sunshine. Gradually, cumulonimbus clouds form again, but they remain consistently flat and harmless. The risk of showers is generally low, but individual showers can form, especially in the Bucklige Welt. The wind blows weak from the north road. Afternoon temperatures are from 21 to 25 degrees.
  • Styria: Thursday in Styria will be very sunny but not clear in early summer. Again and again a few fields of thick cloud pass, and it is possible that there will be one or the other showers from midday, especially over the mountains. Occasionally it may also be conceived in the larger valleys of Upper Styria and in the south-eastern lands, but in many places it remains dry. Early temperatures: from 8 to 13 degrees, in the afternoon the values ​​are between 20 and 24 degrees. Close to the bathing area, there will be a fresh wind, otherwise it will be rather weak.
  • CarinthiaOn Thursdays, the day in Mölltal usually starts out very sunny. Otherwise the clouds in Carinthia would gradually clear up and the sun would shine longer during the day, especially in the Klagenfurt basin and over the great valleys. Cumulonimbus clouds are already forming over the mountains around noon and later in the day some rain is expected, especially from Gailtal through Nockberge to Koralm. In the evening, they are not completely excluded in parts of the Klagenfurt Basin. Afternoon temperatures range from 19 to 24 degrees.
  • Upper Austria: Thursday there will be a few fields of high clouds temporarily at first, but in general the sun will appear more often in the morning. It will remain dry, over the course of the day cumulonimbus clouds will form, especially in Mühlviertel, Hosrock and Kopernauserwald as well as in the mountains, there will also be more high altitude clouds sometimes. Sporadic showers are more likely to occur in the Mühlviertel, in the mountains only sporadically in the far south. Winds will be light to moderate speed from north to east. Maximum temperatures: 19 to 24 degrees.
  • Salzburg: Thursday starts again with a few higher cloud fields, mainly in the mountains, otherwise it’s often sunny. It will stay dry everywhere for the time being, and in the morning the sun will shine a lot again. However, cumulonimbus clouds are gradually forming in the mountains. A little rain is possible in the late afternoon and evening, especially in the Lungau and Tauern region. The winds will be light to moderate in speed from north to northeast. Daily highs: 19 to 24 degrees.
  • Tyrol: weak influence of low pressure: in the morning, at least in the north, it will still be dry and sunny at times, and later local thunderstorms can occur everywhere. Only moderately warm, the brisk easterly winds in the In Valley have a cooling effect. Lows: from 7 to 11 degrees, highs: from 20 to 24 degrees, in Linz up to 25 degrees.
  • Vorarlberg: In the morning it is dry everywhere and sometimes sunny, but there are already some clouds. In the afternoon cumulonimbus clouds will increase and then there will be a few very local showers with an emphasis on the mountains, but it will remain dry and friendly in most places. Only moderately warm. Maximum values: 22 to 26 degrees.
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