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Can the weather finally get back to normal, please?  -Vorarlberg-

Can the weather finally get back to normal, please? -Vorarlberg-

There is no sign of spring in Vorarlberg.
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Is this April after the glorious Easter holidays, the weather doesn’t seem to want to go back to spring mode at all.

For the upcoming weekend, Vorarlberg forecasts only vary between different levels of humidity, cold, and gray.

Friday night

It will remain cloudy with heavy rain and snow showers from time to time. The snow line will temporarily drop to about 600 metres, and deep winter conditions are expected in the mountains. Low: -1 to +3 degrees

Friday weather

Friday morning will be cloudy across the country with light rain and snowfall in some parts of the mountains. The snow line rises from 600 to about 1,000 metres. From midday the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance will dry up and the clouds will relax. Low: from -1 to +3 degrees, high: from 6 to 11 degrees.

Saturday preview

From the night, it will probably still be dry Saturday morning, but it will already be very overcast. During the day, increasingly wet weather will return from the west. The snow line will flatten out at about 1,100 meters during the afternoon. Lows: from -2 to +2 degrees, highs: from 4 to 9 degrees.

forecast for Sunday

The influence of low pressure will continue to determine Sunday’s weather. With the northerly flow, moist, cloudy air accumulates on the northern side of the Alps, from which it sometimes snows or snows for a long time. The ice line is expected to be between 800 and 1,200 metres. Lows: 0 to 3 degrees, Highs: 5 to 9 degrees.

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