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Can you solve this flowery math problem?

Can you solve this flowery math problem?

t-online regularly challenges you with a file puzzle-video out. Do you consider yourself a “mastermind”? Focus your mind on our tasks.

Our puzzle videos are all about logic, pictures, shapes and math. The missions will certainly often challenge you. As always, time is precious. Although, of course, we can’t check if you take a little longer and hit pause. Feel free to use this option if needed, because the tasks in our videos are very challenging. In the latter case, there are many conceivable solutions. Can you find one?

Every weekend we have puzzle fun ready for you. The video puzzle series always comes out on Sundays. Keep your eyes peeled, the clip will surely be visible on the page for many hours. Our latest video puzzle can be found at the top of the article or here.

So that you don’t miss any of our videos from the past few weeks, we’re featuring videos of the latest episodes for all you puzzle fans:

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