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Carbon dioxide emissions are shrinking the stratosphere, and the Global Positioning System (GPS) is at risk

Carbon dioxide emissions are shrinking the stratosphere, and the Global Positioning System (GPS) is at risk

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perseverance CO2 emissions make sure that Stratosphere Shrink. With this shocking finding, a new study appeared in the journal Environmental Research Letters have been published. For the first time it has been proven that emissions of carbon dioxide in Trophosphere – This is Layer up to 20 kilometers in height – enlarged and Stratosphere About that (Height from 20 to 60 kilometers) Squeezes.

The stratosphere loses 400 meters

By moving the “roof” of the troposphere up, the Stratosphere Previously He lost 400 metersAs can be seen from the annotations. Two influences are responsible for this. In the troposphere, carbon dioxide ensures that the temperature rises and the air expands. Due to the formation of the stratosphere, the leakage of carbon dioxide has the opposite effect in it. It cools the air and ensures the shrinkage of the stratosphere, as it were.

“It’s horrible. It proves that we are ruining the atmosphere to a height of 60 kilometers,” Juan Anil of the University of Vigo, Spain, explainsWho participated in the research report. This knowledge also refutes the fact that lower levels of ozone could be responsible for the supposed shrinkage of the stratosphere. For the first time, the greenhouse gas effects on the shrinking layer can be illustrated with smaller satellites.

A problem with GPS navigation and radio systems

Aside from climate impacts, robust stratospheric change can be diverse Problems Our satellitenbasierte Navigation Entails. Satellite orbits, but also spread radio waves It can be affected by such important satellite navigation systems GPS It can spoil. but also Control of space objects It could become more difficult due to the extreme change in the stratosphere, the researchers caution in their observations.

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