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Carcinogenic and full of germs: Beware of these foods

Carcinogenic and full of germs: Beware of these foods

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from: Michelle Manti

Supermarkets offer ways to quickly eat vegetables and fruits for healthy eating even in stressful daily life. Some of them are harmful to health.

Kassel – There are many They are supposed to be healthy foods, which in fact could be carcinogenic or contaminated with germs. Hidden sugar can also lead to obesity and cancer. Especially when it needs to be done quickly, but you don’t want to do without healthy food and use ready-made products.

According to the German Dietetic Association, processed red meat has long been classified as “probably carcinogenic”. So many are turning to vegetarian or vegan alternatives. The current environmental test has now Check out the veggie burger patties which are potentially carcinogenic (petroleum aromatic hydrocarbons).

Discovery of a carcinogen in tin cans

Sometimes washing, peeling, or cutting vegetables or fruits can be a chore. On the other hand, the variant from the can is prepared quickly. Good However, bisphenol A, which is used to make polycarbonate and epoxy resins, has been detected in food. According to European chemicals legislation, BPA is suspected of increasing the risk of cancer and even of being a risk to the fetus during motherhood. The substance is found in cans of tomatoes in a particularly concentrated form.

There are also quick salad alternatives now that save you from chopping and washing. You can often buy it ready to eat in plastic containers. But the Max Rubner Institute discovered in 2019 that lettuce that has already been cut contains a large number of germs. The reason for the multiplication of spores is that the lettuce loses its cell juices through the interfaces which, in combination with the plastic packaging, provides a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

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There are hidden carcinogens and germs in many foods that are supposed to be healthy. (iconic image) © AntonioGuillem / Imago

Hidden sugar can increase your risk of cancer in the long term

A healthy snack or avoidable breakfast can be a real sugar trap. Eating too much sugar regularly can lead to obesity. The link was between obesity and the development of cancer German Cancer Society Scientifically confirmed many times. Therefore, juices or other sugary drinks should be drunk in small amounts and diluted.

  • corn chips They often contain added sugar
  • Nutritious pieces It may also contain large amounts of sugar
  • popcorn – In addition to sugar, it also contains diacetyl. This buttery flavor can lead to scarring of lung tissue over time.
  • Juices or smoothie It contains a lot of fructose and often added sugar
  • Fruit yogurt It often contains large amounts of added sugar
  • Source: Health Center and ZDF

investigation Öko-Test from 2020 He was able to detect pesticides in many plants. These can be carcinogenic and alter the human genome. Therefore, caution is required here too.

Organic products are generally considered healthy because they contain fewer harmful substances. Manufacturers often use the word “organic” to advertise their products to make them appear healthier. In fact, even an organic pizza or bag of organic chips can contain a lot of sugar and salt.

A well-balanced diet and adequate exercise can reduce the risk of developing cancer

If you want to do without sugar and use sweeteners instead, you have to be careful about aspartame. Should news agency Reuters It has been classified by the World Health Organization as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. However, it is still currently being studied to determine the amounts in which the sweetener can be classified as harmless.

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The German Cancer Research Center generally recommends a balanced diet combined with adequate exercise. When choosing foods, it is best to use unprocessed foods. (Mother)