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Case numbers continue to rise: Sweden has the highest rate in Europe

Case numbers continue to rise: Sweden has the highest rate in Europe

Case numbers keep rising
Sweden has the highest rate in Europe

Sweden was once famous for its own road. Now, like many other countries in Europe, the country is fighting a third wave of infections. The infection rate is now three times that of Germany.

Last year, the Swedish special course of the epidemic was discussed for a long time: the Scandinavian country initially conceded from strict lockdowns as it has in other countries. But gradually, the festoon procedures there have also been intensified. However, Sweden is now the sad leader in Europe in terms of new infections per capita.

According to data evaluated by, the incidence rate for seven days is around 404. This is two to three times higher than in Germany, where the value is currently around 153. The incidence rate for seven days describes new infections reported per 100,000 People in the past seven days. France (396), Poland (377) and Hungary (372) also have high values. The incidence rate is higher than Sweden in the European Union country Cyprus (436), which is geographically located in Asia. The number of cases in Turkey, which is also located largely in Asia, is 460.

The number of cases in Sweden has been increasing steadily since the beginning of February. The number of Covid 19 intensive care patients has also decreased, according to Swedish Intensive Care Registry Monday to 393 patients – that’s higher than the highest level at the peak of the second wave in January, but below the high of 558 Covid-19 patients in intensive care units in Spring 2020.

Decreased number of deaths

However, the number of deaths has not increased so far, in conjunction with new infections and intensive care patients. Over the past seven days, the average number of deaths reported per day was around 18, according to analysis of data by Our world in data Shows. At the peak of the end of January, the value had crossed 120 for several days. The Folkhälsomyndigheten Health Authority attributes the relatively low death rate to an advanced vaccination campaign among people at risk, especially residents of nursing homes, according to The Guardian.

Coronavirus measures now in place in Sweden were last extended at the end of March. Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallingreen said the development is going in the wrong direction, which is why the measures must be maintained for a while. Current measures include restrictions on restaurants, bars and cafes. Restaurants should close around 8:30 PM, but may then serve take-out food and drinks. Restrictions on the number of visitors and customers in malls, shops and fitness studios will also apply for a longer period. According to the health authority, the measures are in effect until May 3.

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