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Catfish strangling turtle: they are both dead

Catfish strangling turtle: they are both dead

The tortoise was chasing the gills of the fish in agony.
Photo: dpa

At Göttingen Kiessee, a catfish less than 1.50 meters high was pulled ashore after being suffocated by a turtle. A portion of the armored animal was still sticking out from the mouth of the predatory fish.

sSnakes and hunters landed a catfish about 1.50 meters high on Göttingen-Kese, which choked on a turtle. Part of the armadillo is still protruding from the mouth of the predatory fish, which at first was still alive. “But he cannot be saved and he will not survive,” Mark Steimwedel of Sportangelklub Göttingen eV said on Friday.

The tortoise, with its hind legs hanging from its mouth, was chasing its gills in its agony. That would have determined the club’s fishermen, who should have finally killed the fish on Wednesday. At first, many media reported about it.

Stimudel stressed that the catfish, which weighs 35 to 40 kilograms, was “reasonably recycled” and did not end up in the trash. Catfish is valued as a food fish.

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