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Catherine Privatbank launches a new identity for the brand “Leadercent .”

Catherine Privatbank launches a new identity for the brand “Leadercent .”

The focus should be on personal trust relationships between clients and their private bank.

With the aim of offering the most personalized private banking services to its clients, Kathrein Privatbank is launching its new brand identity these days. In addition to the new visual identity, the continuous expansion of services – including digital services – and the restructuring of the product range receive the most attention. The rebranding was developed with the New York Design Bureau & Walsh and the Viennese creative agency Kobza and The Hungry Eyes (KTHE) over several months.

forward-looking actions

“Through this campaign, we deliberately want to put a private bank’s most important asset at the fore: the personal trust relationship between customers and their private bank,” said CEO Wilhelm Celeda. The Vienna-based Katherine Privatbank, founded in 1924, and the board of directors of the trio of Wilhelm Celeda, Harald B. Holzer and Stefan Neubauer want to prove that innovation and tradition are compatible with a series of future-oriented measures in 2021.

Kathrein Privatbank Board of Directors: Harald P. Holzer, Wilhelm Celeda, and Stefan Neubauer. © Kathrein Privatbank AG

Through the newly developed FamilyKonsult service, Kathrein Privatbank brings together its expertise in all aspects of inheritance, family assets, entrepreneurship and foundations. “All of these areas are complex and often closely intertwined,” explains Celida. “The relationship of trust between the customer and the bank is essential so that we can give the best and most personal advice possible.”

Funny and kind-hearted Austrian

Inspired by Viennese Art Nouveau and combined with a wink, Catherine Privat Bank visually approaches the relationship between tradition and modernity. “Investments are often seen as an abstract concept, and every wealth decision is a very personal one. As a private bank, one of our most important tasks is to listen to our clients. For us, for the people and their stories, the goals, their plans are up front,” says Stefan Neubauer, board member of Catherine Privatbank. “This is why we consciously position ourselves with a sense of humour, as a sympathetic partner, not least connected to Austria as a business location.”

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Rudi Kobza, Managing Director of KTHE, said, “Big brands are characterized by courage and clarity. We are therefore particularly pleased to accompany the rebranding of Catherine Privat Bank and carry out this independent campaign together.” (Such as)