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Celebrities Under the Palm Trees: Episode Two - Elena Meraas agonizes on the ground

Celebrities Under the Palm Trees: Episode Two – Elena Meraas agonizes on the ground

Celebrities Under the Palm Trees: Episode Two – Elena Meraas in pain on the ground (photo montage)

© Instagram / Elena Miras & Screenshot / Saturday 1

The second episode of Celebrity Under Palm Trees has escalated again. Elena Meraas was on the floor, her face hurts and saddened her, Julia Siegel is bleeding, and Katie Pam is vomiting.

Phuket, Thailand – the first episode ofCelebrities under the palm treesIt caused a scandal. Due to anti-gay remarks, Prince Marrox (54), there was a violent storm on the network, which is why the episode was removed from the online media library. But that’s not all. The second episode was also removed after a short time. The reason. : Violent Bullying of Katie Bam (27).

Therefore, the second episode will be broadcast briefly next Monday (April 19). Formatting should lose a full 30 minutes. The current one however appears TV*– The trailer will mount again in episode two. Celebrities tore themselves apart, and Julia Siegel, 46, injured her toe, Katie Pam * Vomiting and Elena Meraas * (28) He was lying on the ground, his face distorted in pain.

Elena Meraas was injured in a group match

© Screenshots / Saturday 1

Elena Meraas blows herself up as “celebs under the palm trees”

“In the end Elena says I hit her at M * schi,” he complains Melanie Muller * (32), while Elena Meraas (all information about the winner of “Love Island” *) is lying on the ground. The Swiss woman writhing in pain and bruising. “Aah” the tormented is all it produces. The dark-haired beauty is handled by several masked employees. She later put a bandage on her right leg. Your head seems to have cooled. Exactly what happened to the 28-year-old cannot be seen in the trailer for the second episode “Celebrities Under the Palms” (all airtime at a glance *). However, it appears that the accident happened during a group match on the beach.

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Melanie Muller exclaims, “What’s Carnival of Children now?” And also Henrik Stoltenberg * He finds (24): “This is no longer normal.”

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Elena Meraas isn’t the only one to be hit in Celebrity Under the Palm Trees.

But the drama of Celebrity Under Palm Trees doesn’t stop there. A little later, the spectators see how Julia Siegel is treated too. The blonde takes the position very calmly, her injury doesn’t look so bad. She just “tore” her toe while playing. A bleeding wound is quickly healed with a plaster. “My toe hurts, I need a cast,” Elena Miras DJane mimics. “I hate this woman!” You add and angrily throw a handful of sand on the floor.

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