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Chained anchors: Police cleared beaches

Chained anchors: Police cleared beaches

The free beaches belong to the general public – it is forbidden in Italy to “barricade” oneself there longer with umbrellas and beach loungers in order to secure the best chances of setting off for the next evening’s bathing day, and can be punished with up to €3,000, depending on which law is avoided. But every year many smart people try their luck. One night in Lignano Sabbiadoro, the first raids took place on the four free beaches.

Police and port authorities confiscated a large number of umbrellas, deck chairs, beach beds, plastic chairs, children’s toys, air mattresses and small inflatable boats. In areas where multilingual prohibition signs inform tourists that they must take their tools with them when leaving the beaches. Rightful owners can now collect their beach accessories from the police – but fines of at least a few hundred euros can be expected.

Locked in chains

Families who went to the free beaches with their children in the morning and found the best spots already occupied and secured by chains called the executive at work. Police said these were not the last raids this summer in Legnano. Since the free beach belongs to everyone, such disrespectful behavior towards fellow human beings will not be tolerated. Throughout the country there are many raids throughout Italy in the summer in order to curb the cruelty and to ensure everyone has free access to the beach and sea.