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Chalk teeth in children: big concerns with small teeth

Chalk teeth in children: big concerns with small teeth


When children’s teeth change color, often painful and crumbly when brushing, one is colloquially speaking of chalk teeth. The number of affected children is increasing sharply. The reasons are not explained.

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More and more children have MIH points.

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Written by Sabine Strobel

Chalky teeth are a dental disease in children and they are on the rise and are still confusing. When concerned parents seek advice at the dental clinic, Stephanie Muller, a dentist at the University Clinic for Dentures and Preservation in Innsbruck, wants to reassure the parents first. “It is also our duty to get rid of the guilt feelings of the parents.” Brushing your teeth and eating a healthy diet is very important to children’s dental health, but it’s not about chalking teeth.

Incisal molar hypomineralization (MIH), the associated technical term, usually occurs in one or more molars. The incisors may or may not be affected. Enamel formation disorder can also occur in milk teeth.

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