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Change when paying with your cell phone via NFC

Change when paying with your cell phone via NFC

Google is improving security Contactless payment via Google Wallet application high. And so it is from now on, without exception Every batch It is necessary that the cell phone “recently” be on fingerprint or secret code It has been opened. Before that, it was in countries like Austria in Amounts less than 50 euros You may also pay for this move.

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Reported for the first time 9to5Google about the change in Google's payment app. Accordingly, it was already At the end of February A corresponding note has been added to the support site. Now the first users have noticed this move, Like from the posts on Reddit appears.

Details are not clear

on Google Help page in the “Lock screen for mobile payments” section. To set it up he specifically says:

“Important: For retail payments, your credit and debit cards will not be charged soon unless you have recently used a verification method such as your fingerprint or PIN. Some users may need to complete verification now to make a payment. If you are asked to verify Your identity, simply complete the required verification steps on your device to make the payment.

What exactly does Google mean by “almost” And “newly“It means, but it's still unclear. However, user reports indicate that the change is now affecting many.

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New settings

In parallel with the change, the wallet application also has one Got a new setting that 9to5Google also discovered. under “protection“That's the point now.”Setup to confirmThere you can apparently organize mandatory verification of each payment for different regions.

Currently, the only dot that appears here on a current Samsung cell phone is “Pay public transportation” On. For this purpose, you can turn off the necessary pre-unlocking process.

the Makes it feel perfect. Especially in public transport, it is a matter of small amounts and you may want to pay the amount especially quickly without delaying it for a long time.

However, this setup will probably only work if you can hold your smartphone directly at the turnstiles, such as in London or New York is the case he. If you are in Vienna Or other Austrian cities where you pay at ticket machines via wallet, unlocking may be necessary as usual.