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Charles' secret nickname reveals to Meghan what he thinks of her

Charles’ secret nickname reveals to Meghan what he thinks of her

Long believed to be the heir to the British throne Prince Charles and his wife Duchess Meghan Always a good relationship with each other. Even she and her husband Harry He made serious allegations against the royal family in interviews. Meghan’s mental health deteriorated behind closed palace doors, and help was refused, among other things.

Charles called Megan “Wolfram”

author Kristen Marie Loog Dixon Behind Charles’ alleged nickname for Meghan, he believes he can see his true attitude toward her. This was a “beautiful compliment” for the 41-year-old. The Duchess of Sussex, as is Meghan’s official nickname, was given the name because of her “resistive nature”. “Tungsten” (German “Wolfram”) is said to have always been mentioned by Charles Meghan. “Like a royal reporter Russell Myers It was revealed in 2019 that Charles named it carbide because it was ‘hard and stubborn’ (…)” the British newspaper was quoted as saying daily expression.

Furthermore: “It hasn’t been easy for Meghan Markle since she joined the royal family (…). The members may not have agreed that Meghan and Harry should step down as senior members of the royal family, although they did so to escape the environment that was “It’s obviously not good for her mental health,” Liwag Dixon said. “However, Prince Charles seemed to have respect for Meghan’s resilient nature.”

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