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Chart: China mainly invests in US

Chart: China mainly invests in US

Over the past 15 years, the largest amount of Chinese direct investment (FDI) has flowed into the United States, nearly US$200 billion. This is shown based on the data by Statista graphic China Global Investment Trackers, which is published and regularly updated by American Enterprise. China’s investments in Australia and Great Britain are in the triple-digit range. Germany ranks seventh with USD 54 billion.

China’s investment strategy has recently been hotly debated in Germany. One reason was that Chinese state-owned shipping company COSCO was allowed to participate in the container terminal at Tollerot in the Port of Hamburg. China has the German transport sector on its mind when it comes to direct investments, rather than logistics companies such as Hamburg group HHLA. This chart shows this, based on data from the China Global Investment Tracker.

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is considered a key indicator of the economic attractiveness of a place for foreign investors. Direct investment (FDI) is an international investment made by an investor based in one economy to acquire a long-term stake in an enterprise based in another economy.

According to the official definition, a company is a direct investment when a direct investor holds at least 10 percent of the common stock or voting rights (in an incorporated company) or an equivalent interest (in an unincorporated company). .

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