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Chicada plague is causing chaos in the United States

Invasion of Chicada. Special cicadas called Brute X, found only in the eastern United States and appearing only every 17 years, are now back. Because citizens mistakenly thought they were car or home alarms, their deafness increased emergency calls to authorities. The authority clarified everything at once: the insects that go into the trees before mating are harmless to humans.

Up to 100 decibels

Deaf. Chicadas can sound many different and very loud. They are inferior to noise levels that can reach 100 decibels – comparable to a petrol lawn. Men also use their laughter to seduce a female partner in order to reproduce. “Noise is reminiscent of sound effects in very old science fiction movies,” a Facebook user wrote under a post of authority.

Why do they only come every 17 years?

Entomologist Floyd Shockley explains it in an article on NDR (ARD): “Chicatos are poorly protected and vulnerable to enemies, and if they come out each year, their enemies can easily become experts. Wait, but they have a 17-year cycle, and there is no enemy waiting for them to live long. “

But how do you know 17 years have passed? There are genetic reasons for this, it is in their DNA, so to speak. “Insects sense how water is carried through the roots of the tree, the flow of this water changes, and they count to 17,” says Shockley.

The recipes are delicious

Disgusting. For many, insects are also a delicacy – whether fried in a taco or a sweet snack in a chocolate pot. Animals are very nutritious and contain a lot of protein.

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