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China plans a manned mission to Mars in 2033

China plans a manned mission to Mars in 2033

In 2033, the first human was able to set foot on a surface Mars put. And if the Chinese space program has its way, this person comes from China.

The government has now announced that the first manned mission to Mars will begin in twelve years. The first manned flight is scheduled to be regularly followed by more flights.

China wants to build a manned station on Mars

After 2033, more manned flights are also scheduled for 2035, 2037, 2041 and beyond, Wang Xiaojun, head of the Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, said recently at a space research conference in Russia.

In the long term, China’s goal is to build a permanently manned base on Mars and use the resources of the Red Planet.

This plan is ambitious. And it brings new impetus to the race to see who will be first on Mars. Because the USA is also currently working on a program to colonize Mars. American space agency nasa He also wants to send a crew to Mars in the 2030s.

The supply of the Martians must be guaranteed

Before the manned mission begins, China wants to send robots to Mars. Wang Xiaojun said the bots will search for potential settlement sites and put in place systems where “resources” can be provided.

For Mars to be habitable for humans, it must be possible to produce oxygen, secure a supply of electricity, and obtain water. W: China must find a way to return astronauts to Earth.

An unmanned return flight to Mars has already been planned for the end of 2030, which will bring soil samples back to Earth.

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Within “a few hundred days” to Mars and back

In order to shorten the travel time, according to Wang Xiaojun, there are considerations not only to propel the spacecraft with conventional chemical fuels, but also to use energy from nuclear reactions. For the return trip, China is aiming for a time period of “a few hundred days”.

Mars is not the only celestial body on which the Chinese leadership wants to establish human sites. A station will also be built on the moon’s southern tip.

A week ago, China had three astronauts so far China’s space station “Tiangong” is still incomplete Spread.