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China warns US of consequences for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China has again warned the United States of a “very serious situation and consequences” if US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes an unannounced visit to Taiwan. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told the press in Beijing today that such a visit would be “an interference in China’s internal affairs.”

“The Chinese side is fully prepared for any eventuality,” Zhao Lijian said of speculation that Pelosi may also visit Taiwan as part of her Asian tour this week. “The People’s Liberation Army will not stand idly by, and the Chinese side will surely take firm and decisive measures to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said.

Start in Singapore

The first leg of their Asian trip in Singapore today included talks with the government and a reception by the American Chamber of Commerce. Pelosi also wants to visit Malaysia, Japan and South Korea. While Taiwan is not on an officially announced itinerary, Chinese state media have expressed concern that it might ignore Beijing’s warnings and go there anyway.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine raised fears that China could take the island’s Democratic Republic by force in a similar way. Tensions over Taiwan have not been this high since the 1990s. China’s head of state and party leader Xi Jinping sees it as his mission to implement “unification” and threatens military invasion.

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