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China's best quantum computer now has a 'protective shield'

China's best quantum computer now has a 'protective shield'

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China has the most advanced quantum computer.”Original Wukong” with Protective shield installation. This is to address it Attacks They are secured by other quantum computers.

Origin Wukong has been open to the public for a few weeks now. Since China does not have access to quantum computers from the United States, the move was particularly important for the country. With the opening, it could also become a target for other quantum computers. For this reason, the operating data is updated with new data Post-quantum cryptography To be protected.

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Quantum computers need new encryption methods

So far the system has been in order Public key authentication encrypted. The private and public key are used to protect the data. The system is actually considered secure, but can be hacked using quantum computers.

As the government portal “Science and Technology Daily” (Via South China Morning Post), as reported byA protective shield against quantum attacks” installed. Exactly how this works has not been published. For example, post-quantum cryptography involves mathematical problems such as: Initial factoring or Sports networks Which cannot currently be solved by other quantum computers.

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China wants to compete internationally

China was after United States of America And Canada The third country to provide a complete quantum computing system. Origin Wukong is currently in its third generation 72 qubits China's most powerful quantum computer. It is named after the Monkey King from Chinese mythology. The quantum computer has been open to international access since January.

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