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Christian Dolezal is the Capitals' new athletic director

Christian Dolezal is the Capitals' new athletic director

Before next season, spusu Vienna Capitals will not only reorganize the club's board of directors, but the sports field from youth to academy to professional team will also get a new direction. Christian Dolezal will serve as the two-time champion's new sporting director. The 38-year-old Viennese is in charge of the entire sports area of ​​the capital club and is supposed to ensure a unified identity from the youth field to the professional field. Meanwhile, Franz Kala has ended his long years as managing director of spusu Vienna Capitals. The 57-year-old Viennese coach will remain on the club's board of directors as vice-chairman in an advisory role, but will withdraw from operational operations.

Dolezal: Many years of experience in the Caps organization

38-year-old Christian Dolezal from Vienna has spent almost his entire sports career with the spusu Vienna Capitals team. The former striker, who played 392 league games for the club, was part of the Cagraners' first team that won the championship in the 2004/05 season. Following his active career, Dolezal held a variety of roles on the Cubs' youth team and with the professional team. Before being promoted to assistant coach of the professional team in the 2020/21 season, Dolezal served as a youth captain for several years. Last season, Al-Fini took over temporarily and then permanently as coach of the professional team. In his new position as athletic director, Dolezal is also responsible for finding his successor as head coach. In the coming weeks, discussions will be held with the current shortlisted candidates as well as with other applicants. Dolezal, along with the new coach, will be responsible for shaping the professional team in the future. A core squad will be presented consisting of players who already have contracts for next season or beyond, as well as players with whom discussions have already been concluded and contracts are expected to be signed soon, at the latest after the end of the final series of the win2day Ice Hockey League. Discussions over potential new additions and further contract extensions will begin next week, although the majority of the next commitments will only be made with the new head coach involved.

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“I am looking forward to my new role as Sporting Director of spusu Vienna Capitals. Although I also love coaching, I am really looking forward to my new position. I can gain a lot of experience from different areas of the club with me in my new role. Personally, it is important for me Not to lose sight of long-term projects – the most important of which is the youth department – despite short-term tasks, which mainly affect the next season. The spusu Vienna Capitals association is bigger than any individual, and I will make my decisions accordingly. like this Sports directors for hats, Christian Dolezalabout his new job.

“After many conversations with current and former players, player agents, former coaches and other stakeholders at the club, we quickly became convinced that there was no better candidate for this job than Christian Dolezal. He has demonstrated a level of commitment to the organization that has been unparalleled this season.” “We are convinced that we have with him a person with sporting responsibility, who is, on the one hand, professionally qualified, and, on the other hand, ready to undergo a lot for the success of our international matches.” So General Manager Lukas Garhofer.

Kala: GM's long experience contributed to shaping a successful era in the world of sports

Franz Kala has been spusuing the Vienna Capitals on and off the ice for the past 16 years. Vienna's tenure included a championship title in the 2016/17 season, three runner-up finishes, and seven Champions Hockey League appearances. Kalla, along with outgoing president Hans Schmid, was one of the guarantors of the successful development of the Capitals organization. In particular, the development of the Caps' youth program, which presented the organization with greater challenges in the first few years of Cala's activity, stalled during his tenure. Without the extensive efforts put in during this time, many of today's ICE and AHL players would not have made it to the professional level. The long-time general manager, who has been vice-president of the club since 2015, together with President Schmid, has also managed to put the club on a broader footing with the appointment of managing directors Lukas Garhofer and Patrick Wondra and the current sporting director. Christian Dolezal to their positions over the years, current and future assignments. Franz Kala will continue to represent the club as Vice-President in various organizations and, for example, will continue his positions on the Board of Directors of the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs and Vice-President of the win2day ice hockey league in the spirit of Austrian ice hockey.

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“The past 16 years have been a very beautiful experience for me. This time has been exciting, intense and diverse, but at the same time educational for me. The club is well positioned for the future, and I believe that Christian Dolezal is an excellent choice as sporting director of spusu Vienna Capitals. His career in The club makes him ideal for this position. The organization is in very ambitious and committed hands with Managing Directors Lukas Garhofer and Patrick Wondra. Lukas, Patrick and Christian have worked tirelessly for the Caps over the last few years and embody the values ​​of spusu Vienna Capitals with their attitudes. As Vice President, I will remain with Association and I will support the people involved. “It has been an honor to be able to serve and be a part of the Caps organization for 16 years.” He says CAPS Vice President Franz Kala.

General Manager Patrick Wondra: “Franz, like Hans Schmid, deserves our greatest respect. For his performance and commitment over the many years he has spent in his operational activities, but also for taking a step back now so that others can take a step forward. In any case, we are very happy that he will continue to stay.” He supported us on the Board of Directors and in various activities.

More updates on the future of spusu Vienna Capitals

The entire Capitals organization has been working every day for months to overcome the various challenges the Capitals Club has faced and continues to face in a way that will leave the club well-positioned and well positioned for a successful future. Much of the journey has already been completed, but overall there is still a lot to do before the start of next season. Updates will follow in the coming weeks.

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