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Chronicle: The 70th Jubilee of the Throne - Celebrations with Processions and Street Parties

Chronicle: The 70th Jubilee of the Throne – Celebrations with Processions and Street Parties

The competition ended with soldiers, dancers, puppeteers and artists in front of Buckingham Palace. The 260-year-old golden state chariot, which was used for royal weddings and coronations, opened the parade. The Queen sat in it – in the form of a hologram at a younger age. The pageant celebrated the queen’s life in twelve chapters and a musical epilogue.

Finally, Her Majesty herself was there to see her. Surprisingly, the Queen once again showed herself to her people. From the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London, the 96-year-old Queen, dressed in a green coat and matching hat, waved to hundreds of thousands of onlookers. Next to her were her closest family – heir to the throne Prince Charles, his wife, Duchess Camilla, his eldest son Prince William, his wife, Duchess Kate, and their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Meanwhile, the national anthem “God Save the Queen” was played.

It was the fourth time the Queen had performed at the festivities – but the first since Thursday night. The Queen came down to Buckingham’s balcony twice on Thursday afternoon, once with close family members. In the evening, the king symbolically lit beacons across the country. However, the Queen canceled her Thanksgiving service on Friday and did not attend the traditional Epsom Derby on Saturday afternoon nor the big anniversary party Saturday night in front of Buckingham Palace. The 96-year-old had to rest, said as the reason.

Pop star Ed Sheeran has wrapped up his hit song Perfect in honor of the Queen and her husband Prince Philip, who died last year. A giant dragon, seven double-decker buses and dolls of corgis, the Queen’s favorite, also roamed the streets.

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488 tables have been set up at Windsor Castle, where the Queen is staying, while heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla join them for lunch at a cricket ground. The Queen has barely been present throughout the festivities over the past few days. She’s only twice briefly participated in the grand opening show on Thursday.

Many who attended the festivities were aware of the historical dimension of the moment: no British king had ever reigned as long as the Queen. Also, given the age of Elizabeth’s successors, the 70-year record is unlikely to be broken in the near future.