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Clashes during protests in Iraq

At least one person was killed and more than a hundred were injured yesterday in protests in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, over the results of the parliamentary elections. As announced by the Ministry of Health, the total number of injured reached 125, including 27 civilians. Therefore, most of the wounded are members of the security forces. Security sources later reported that one of the protesters had died.

Hundreds of supporters of pro-Iranian groups took to the streets to protest the results of the parliamentary elections. According to preliminary results, the political arm of the Popular Mobilization Network of pro-Iranian militias lost several parliamentary seats in the October elections. The Horde Network leaders challenged the outcome.

And the network is one of the most vocal opponents of the American presence in Iraq. In recent months, its representatives have repeatedly welcomed missile and drone attacks on Iraqi military bases where American forces are stationed, without claiming that the attacks are their own.

About 2,500 US troops are still stationed in Iraq. As of 2022, they officially have an advisory-only role for the Iraqi Security Forces.

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