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Classification - European Parliament votes on "green" nuclear power

Classification – European Parliament votes on “green” nuclear power

The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday on the controversial classification of gas and nuclear power as climate-friendly investments. At least 353 of the 705 MEPs must speak out against the so-called designation, it will not take effect. The result of the vote is considered open. Austrian MPs declared their partisan resistance.

The majority of the Greens, Social Democrats and the Left Party indicated that they would vote against the designation. The decision of the EPP and the Liberals is uncertain. In any case, an arbitrator vote is expected.

With the rating, the committee wants to determine which financial investments will be considered climate-friendly in the future. This should help mobilize the billions needed for climate change and pave the way for the European Union to become climate neutral by 2050.

Banning countries is unlikely

However, the fact that gas and nuclear energy are classified as environmentally sustainable according to certain criteria is of concern to environmentalists and some EU countries. Austria has announced that it will file a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice (ECJ) when the regulation comes into force.

EU countries can still reject the EU Commission’s proposal until July 11. However, this is considered highly unlikely, and the necessary vote on this is said to have not been scheduled. (Abba)

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