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Cleaning work and investigations after the Chempark explosion

Cleaning work and investigations after the Chempark explosion

After the massive explosion at the waste incineration plant in Leverkusen, emergency services are now focused on preparing for clean-up and rescue work in coordination with investigators. Meanwhile, the search for missing persons is continuing, a spokesperson for Chempark operating company Currenta said Thursday morning. Previously, hope for finding survivors continued to decline.


The search for the missing continues, but hope for survivors is fading.

“We no longer have hope of finding anyone alive,” the spokesman said. The authorities will now begin an investigation into the cause of the bombing. An initial examination is planned with an expert and a person in charge of the respective chemical park. An investigation team has also been set up in the Cologne police. The Public Prosecution is investigating the suspicion of negligent homicide and causing an explosion against unknown persons.

In any case, investigators are preparing for difficult working conditions – the deployment is likely to take several days, she said and police confirmed Wednesday that “rescue workers and fire investigators are still able to enter the site of the damage with very limited access.” Drones will be used, for example, to get an overview.

At least two people were killed in an explosion at a waste incineration plant in Kempark on Tuesday. According to Karinta, 31 people have been infected. Five people are missing. Accordingly, there are four employees in the company and one employee in an offshore company.

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