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Climate activists have paralyzed Berlin Airport

Climate activists stuck two runways at Berlin Brandenburg Airport yesterday afternoon and temporarily paralyzed air traffic. According to the police, two groups of the “last generation” entered the building. The landing gear was diverted, and many aircraft were unable to take off on time. After the operation, the police arrested several people.

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Sharp criticism of politics

There was sharp criticism from politicians. German Interior Minister Nancy Weser wrote on Twitter that the closure of the capital’s airport was “another escalation and totally unacceptable.”

The Green Party’s deputy leader in the German Bundestag, Konstantin von Notz, criticized the measure as “counterproductive, hypothetical and potentially dangerous”.

“Protest actions of this kind are completely illegal and simply cannot be accepted,” said Bijan Ger Saray, general secretary of the Free Democratic Party.

“The rule of law defines the tools to defend against such crimes. It must now be applied consistently: preventive arrests, residence bans and fines,” said Mario Zaga, general secretary of the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

On the other hand, Martin Shirdiwan, Chairman of Linke, defended the “last generation”, whose protest “put a finger on the wound of political inaction in the face of climate catastrophe”.

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