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Climate change changes hotel opening times in Arlberg - Lech

Climate change changes hotel opening times in Arlberg – Lech

Lech Tourism Manager Fercher: The area guarantees snow until 2050
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In Arlberg, hoteliers will have to adjust their hours in light of climate change.

Climate researchers have been tasked with examining the Arlberg region, so by 2050 there will be enough snow for winter tourism. “We just have to get used to the fact that winter doesn’t start until December and lasts until the end of April,” Hermann Virscher, Lech Zürs’ head of tourism, explained in an interview with The Day Press on Tuesday. Thursday.

“Long Break in Spring”

Altitude alone isn’t about snow security alone, it’s more about precipitation and temperatures, so Fisher is on the back of the recently canceled Ski World Cup races due to lack of snow.

In prime time for skiing, from Christmas to Easter, there will be enough snow for now. However, the opening times of many hotels have changed. “There was a summer and winter. Today, some businesses open in early July and stay open until April. Then there is a longer holiday in the spring,” Fisher told the newspaper. Well booked during the fall break, these hotels focus on fine dining and wellness and would be able to exist in the far future without ski tourism.

“Where there are lift masts, there can also be wind turbines”

However, deleting the existing winter works would be “unreasonable”. “Basically, we will rely on the model for as long as possible. After all, everything is done. The added value is greatest in the winter,” says the head of tourism. As far as heat is concerned, Lech is now autonomous thanks to biomass heating plants, and all hotels and private households are connected to it. In addition, a hydroelectric concept is planned with power plants in Vorarlberg, through which the village center will have an independent power source. Fisher also did not rule out wind turbines for the tourist community, if approved by the state. “Where there are lift masts, there can also be wind turbines,” says Fisher, who acknowledged there were other opinions on Lech Zors.

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