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Climate change: Models show regional impacts in Germany

Climate change: Models show regional impacts in Germany

WThe effects of global warming can only be predicted at the global and national levels for a long time; The models were too harsh for the individual regions. Daniela Jakob, director of the Center for Climate Services in Germany and a visiting professor at the University of Lüneburg, along with her research team, made projections for each of the 401 rural areas for this century. In an interview, she explained which regions in Germany will be particularly affected by severe weather, how accurate the forecasts are – and why rainfall is so hard to calculate.

Globalism: The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was published on Monday. What do we know about the future climate in Germany?

Daniela Jacob: According to the German Weather Service, the average temperature in Germany has already increased by 1.6 degrees from 1881 to 2019. Globally it is about 1.1 degrees. The probability of days with heavy rain will increase, even if the increase in days with heavy rain is not clearly inferred from the observations. The strength of the changes will depend on how much climate protection we do.

Globalism: Will it affect all regions in Germany equally or will there be differences?

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