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Climate change poses challenges for farmers

Climate change poses challenges for farmers


Vorarlberg is taking a short break from the heat. Nature also desperately needs rain. Because when it rains a little, the plants suffer too. They don’t grow that fast. Climate change and extreme heat are now causing great challenges for local farmers.

When it comes to growing vegetables, the Meusburger family farm in Koblach is one of the largest in Vorarlberg. 40 different crops are grown on 22 hectares – from tomatoes and peppers to carrots and leeks.

“Summer was not bad, but we had problems with higher temperatures, especially the lettuce does not like high temperatures. This also means that some pests establish themselves,” says Jürgen Meusberger.

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Climate change and its consequences currently present major challenges to local farmers. “We feel that extreme weather is increasing. Hot days are increasing and when it is warm it is very hot. In addition, hailstorms are significantly increasing,” said head of the Chamber of Agriculture Josef Mossbrüger (ÖVP).

Temperatures above 30 degrees not only affect people. Vegetables can also suffer from heat stress in the summer. “It also means that we need to further develop the breeds so that they can also adapt to changes in climate.”

Single crop failure in Vorarlberg

There have already been a few crop failures in Vorarlberg this year. For example with power due to hailstorms. So far, everything has gone quite smoothly for Jürgen Meusburger. Potatoes play a particularly important role on his farm: “We did not have to water the potatoes much. May, June and mid-July they had enough water. Now it is scarce, but now they are also approaching maturity and they no longer need much water.” And there One thing applies to all farmers in the country anyway. Anyone who works with nature must be prepared for certain things.

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