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Climate protest in front of the Museumsquartier –

Climate protest in front of the Museumsquartier –


Climate activists from the “last generation” called for a major protest in Vienna's Museum Quarter on Saturday afternoon. Several hundred people gathered, including Scientist of the Year 2022, Franz Issel.

Last Generation spokeswoman Anna Freund said in her speech: “I have a feeling that those in charge do not understand what is at stake.” “The truth is that these people are not doing their job. We call on them to take the flag seriously and act with the necessary urgency. It is time to take concrete action, as a first step we demand our right to remain in the Constitution.”

APA/Eva Manhart

Support came from ecologist and biodiversity researcher Franz Issel

Several hundred people gathered in Museumplein in Neubau to raise their voices for climate protection in the Constitution. Attorney Paul Kessler, who represents some of the activists, also criticized the order. “It is interesting that no one is even interested in having a broad scientific discussion of how to design this fundamental right.”

People with stickers

APA/Eva Manhart

Several hundred people participated in the protest

The fundamental right to climate protection is in the Constitution

Last Generation calls on the federal government to include a fundamental right to climate protection in the Constitution. Activists therefore want to take the struggle for climate protection to the streets more intensely. For this reason, the big protest was held in Vienna's Museum District on Saturday “at 5:12”.

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