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Climate strike: 500 people demonstrated in Graz


People all over the world took to the streets on Friday – the reason being the 11th global climate strike organized by the Fridays for Future movement. In Graz alone, 500 participants took part in a demonstration at Mariahilferplatz in Graz.

On Friday, about 500 participants presented an example of the Fridays for Future movement at Mariahilferplatz in Graz. Climate activist and organizer Julia Aas, among others, spoke first: 631 days ago, people demanded a climate protection law worthy of that name as well.

Climate damage payments

Climate Damage Payments are needed, especially for the countries of the Global South, which are hardest hit by climate change, as well as this country’s energy transition. Other demands include a “target excess profits tax” and the expansion of alternative energy production. “The excuse that wind turbines look stupid is no longer relevant,” he stressed.

Issues of anti-racism and “the importance of black lives” are also discussed at Mariahilferplatz. In addition to schoolchildren, the president of the Green Parliamentary Club, Sandra Krautwachel, was also among the demonstrators. Similarly, some Teachers for the Future mingled with the crowd, as well as older activists. Basic energy security has also been requested, because the number of people who can no longer afford energy is increasing rapidly.

Evening panel discussion

At 6 pm there will be a panel discussion at Mariahilferplatz. Among others, Deputy Mayor Judith Schwentner, committed to “Green Miles” on the streets of Graz, and Tristan Schachner of the 1.5 Graz, MoVe iT podium were expected to stand on the podium. Then – along with Save Ukraine Graz – a sea of ​​lights was planned for more peace and climate justice as well as live music, a poetic contribution and many other speeches.

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