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I have an Omicron, and what happened next, an experience report

Clinic head: Most staff have symptoms for more than five days

He went on to say, “Typical COVID-19 pneumonia is getting rarer, yes. But many chronic diseases (such as COPD, heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, and dementia) are severely deteriorating as a result of viral infections. . Same on COVID-19 as it does on influenza.”

Additionally, in his experience, most infected employees in the health sector are “sick enough” despite BA 4/5 to put the current discussion around quarantine regulation into perspective. Currently less than half can get free testing on the fifth day because it is still an occasional.”

Covid-19 continues to cause an increase in the number of patients compared to before. “We’ve been busier than ever for about two years. So – despite our best efforts – there are still restrictions in some areas, although not around 2021 and early 2022.”

Valipour is now paying privately for a “targeted and innovative vaccination campaign (the topic is not out yet) – a timely contacted school start procedure and more contact points for Long-Covid.” The latter is partially processed by the Ministry of Health.

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