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Close race for Merkel's successor

Close race for Merkel’s successor

Berlin. More than 61 million people are entitled to vote on Sunday. The race for the successor to long-term chancellor Angela Merkel is open and closed. So Union (CDU .) is lying
CSU), Greens, SPD, AfD, FDP, left in polls. data:

25% SPD: Olaf Schulz is a favorite

Top man. Calm, reserved, non-aggressive, the new Merkel. For weeks, SPD candidate Olaf Schultz (63) was ahead in all polls. “Scholz-Express” is in circulation. But the six-percentage-point lead has recently melted violently. In the last ZDF Politbarometer, this decreased significantly – Scholz is now only two percentage points ahead of Union candidate Armin Laschet.

23% CSU / CDU: Armin Laschet fighting

perseverance. Armin Laschet, 60, Merkel’s party candidate and prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, originally missed his excellent poll results: When a flood disaster devastated entire regions of Germany, he burst out laughing. This photo broke his campaign. Polls shook in the basement – less than ten percent. The official reward went to Merkel. Laschet never calmed down during the entire election campaign. In the end, he was only able to score points with Olaf Schultz’s warning and a possible red-red-green alliance after the election. This ideological swing makes an impression. Laschet was finally caught bit by bit.

16.5% green: Barbok is in third place

coming down. She was the great hope for a green turn in Germany: Annalina Barbock (40), “Woman for All Conditions”. “Green Merkel” began with inspiring polls. Sometimes, by 28 percent, he’s ahead of Schulz and Lachette. The Green Party even set conditions for a coalition. Then followed one failure after another: a false biography, a case of plagiarism, cliched phrases – a crash. Barbook is now in third place.

11% FDP: Lindner is the Kingmaker

decision maker. FDP Chairman Christian Lindner (42) is considered a kingmaker: political scientist, reserve lieutenant, sports boat driver’s license, fisherman, old Porsche. It calls for an alliance of Jamaica with the Union and the Greens. This is easier to achieve than the traffic lights coalition made up of the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party, he said: “That’s why I’m betting on Jamaica.”

10% Alternative Party: Nobody wants to go with Fidel

rejection. Alternative for Germany candidate Alice Weidel (42 years old) rings out far-right slogans in the latest campaign surge: the Holocaust is relative, vaccination is mandatory, no distance for side thinkers. “I don’t believe in stigmatizing a protest movement,” Weigel said.

6% left: the heart of the scales

to the fullest extent. Left co-chair Janine Whistler (40) could finally “tip the scales” for SPD man Olaf Schultz. With the votes of the left, an alliance between red, red and green is likely to be formed.

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