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Cloudy and rainy weather continues at the beginning of the week

There’s no spring weather on the horizon for much of Austria this week either. The weather forecast has heavy rain in its baggage at the start of the week.

Austria. Unfortunately, the Central Institute of Geodynamics and Meteorology (ZAMG) had to disappoint us several times this year. Because a wonderful spring with warm temperatures rarely happens in large parts of Austria. And it seems, unfortunately, that’s the way things are going to go.

On a Monday morning in western Austria and along the northern side of the Alps, thick clouds will prevail mostly and it will sometimes rain or snow. In the afternoon you’ll still be prone to showers here, but at least sometimes the clouds will relax a bit and the sun will come out.

To the east and south, the sun and clouds change throughout the day, but in Lower Austria, Vienna and northern Burgenland the chance of rain increases again in the afternoon. Winds blow moderate to fast in the east and southeast from northwest to north. Early temperatures are from 1 to 8 degrees, and daily maximum temperatures are from 9 to 17 degrees.

Tuesday will be wet

Also on Tuesday there is not much reason for joy in Austria regarding the weather. The sun usually rises longer in the far west and southwest. Thick clouds prevail everywhere else and some rain is expected, especially to the north and east. The snow limit is from 1,300 to 1,600 meters above sea level. Winds blow moderate to fast in the east and southeast, from northwest to northeast. Early temperatures are from 2 to 10 degrees, and daily maximum temperatures are from 9 to 16 degrees.

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The beginning of the week in Austria is cold, cloudy and wet.
It could snow again in the mountains at the beginning of the week.  |  Photo: Sabine Stanglechner-Stöfan

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