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Collective bargaining dispute: The warning strike has begun at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Status: 02/27/2023 00:25

At Cologne/Bonn airport, the trade union verdi began the declared warning strikes during the night. Dusseldorf Airport is also affected during the day – hundreds of flights are likely to be cancelled.

According to the Verdi trade union, the declared warning strike began at Cologne/Bonn airport late Sunday evening. Aviation security personnel were the first to stop working. This means that no more shipments can be brought to and from the airport. The warning strike is expected to continue until Tuesday evening. It affects different areas of the airport at different starting points. A warning strike was also planned at Dusseldorf Airport. It is scheduled to start early Monday morning.

The background to the strike is negotiations for public sector employees at the federal and municipal levels, as well as national negotiations for aviation security personnel. Collective bargaining is currently taking place for both groups of employees.

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled

Because of the labor dispute, all passenger flights planned for Cologne on Monday are likely to be cancelled. In Dusseldorf, nearly 200 takeoffs and landings were supposed to be cancelled – with 330 flights originally planned for Monday.

In addition to the two largest airports in the most populous federal state, there should also be warning strikes in many other areas of public life in NRW on Monday, such as buses and light rails, in day care centers and offices. Several parades are also planned.